Wedding Candles scented and unscented white and ivory decorated candlesWhite wedding Doves

Wedding and Unity Candles

Wedding candles and Unity Candles are decorated with beautiful wax applique decorations imported exclusively from Germany.

We offer affordable wedding candles at an exceptionally low retail price, wholesale Candle orders qualify for an additional 10% discount! Many of our wedding candles are also available as three piece sets.

All prices listed are our retail prices

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Size: 3x3x11
Square Candle
Price: $30.00

Wedding Candle

Decorated with 2 Gold Rings, White Roses, Leaves, Border
accented with Gold Trim.

Size: 3x11
Price: $30.00

Wedding Candle decorated with wax baroque cross, rings  and branches Wax Baroque Gold Cross, Rings and Branches.

Size: 3x11
Price: $30.00

Decorated wedding candle with wax trim, gold rings ans wedding doves Cross, Gold Trim, 2 Gold Rings and Wedding Doves.

Size: 3x3x11
Square Pillar Candle
without taper candles
Price: $30.00

#W04A Candle set
Price: $36.00

pillar pyramid wedding candles, decorated with wax cross, wax gold rings and wax branches

Wedding Candle Set

Gold Cross, 2 Gold Rings, Branches with White Roses.

#W4a - Wedding Set includes One 3x11 Square
Two 12" Matched Decorated Tapers

white wedding doves

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Size: 3x8

Price: $28.00

Wedding candle size 3x8 decorated Decorated with 2 Gold Rings,
Assorted Roses and Gold Bow.

Size: 3x8
Price: $20.00

decorated wedding candle white and almond color.  All our candles are available  unscented or scented

Two Gold Rings, Gold Cross and Ivy.

Size: 3x8
Price: $30.00

#W07A Candle set -

Price: $35.00
stands not included

wedding candle set with taper candles

SIZE: 3x8
Two Gold Rings, Gold Horse Drawn Coach, accented
with White Roses & Gold Branches
$ 30.00.

3 piece set includes above pillar and two 12" taper.

Size: 3x11

Price: $30.00

decorated wedding candle

#W08 - Gold Rings, Wedding Doves accented with Gold Branches
and Gold Trim.

Size: 3x8

Price: $23.00

Set of Three
Price: $ 29.00
stands not included

Decorated with silk flowers, beaded heart and gold branches

Wedding Candle Set - Click to view a large version

With Beaded Heart, Silk Flowers, 2 Gold Rings and Gold Branches.

#W09A - 3 piece set includes pillar and two decorated 12" tapers.

#W10 Unity Candle
Size: 3x11Pillar Candle
(Without tapers)
Price: $30.00

Set of All Three
Price: $ 36.00
stands not included

Unity Candle - Click to view a large version

unity pillar candle available separate or as a three piece set

Decorated with Gold Rings, Doves, Beaded Strands, White Roses,
Branches and Border.

#W10A - 3 piece set includes pillar and two 12" tapers.

25th and 50th Anniversary Candles

25th silver and 50th gold anniversary candles

Click on above image to view anniversary candles.

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