Pillar candles for wedding and reception decorations. Scented and unscented white candles.

Round pillar candles and square pillar candles in a wide variety of sizes and assorted colors. Our quality made pillar candles are slow burning and virtually non-drip which make them great for use as wedding reception centerpieces and all your party decoration needs. You'll find that our discount priced pillar candles are very reasonable in price and your satisfaction is always guarenteed. Send us a color swatch and we can make your pillars to match the colors of your specifications and fragrances. We can also make your candles unscented.

Arrange candles in grouped tiers and decorate as you like, you don't have to pay high prices for your wedding party center pieces and decorations when you can make your own!


Round Pillar Candles Retail Prices and Sizes Available

Candle measurements are in inches
w=Width and h=Heigth

Product # Candle Size ( inches) Retail Weight
S01 2"w x 3"h
round candle
2.50 5 oz
S02 2"w x 5" h
round candle
3.50 8 oz
S03 2"w x 8"h
round candle
5.50 12 oz
S04 2"w x 10" h
round candle
7.00 16 oz
S05 2" w x 12" h
round candle
8.50 18 oz
S06 2.5 w x 3" h
round candle
3.50 8 oz
S07 2.5"w x 5"h
round candle
5.50 13 oz
S08 2.5" w x 8"h
round candle
8.50 20 oz
S09 2.5"w x 10" h
round candle
10.00 26 oz
S10 3" w x 3" h
round candle
5.00 11oz
S11 3"w x 6" h
round candle
8.00 22 oz
S12 3"w x 8"h
round candle
9.50 28 oz
S13 3" w x 10"h
round candle
12.00 40 oz
S14 3"w x 12"h
round candle
14.00 49 oz
S15 4"w x 4"h
round candle
9.50 25 oz
S16 6"w x 5.5 h
3 wick round candle
25.00 80 oz
S17 2"w x 2"w x 3"h
square candle
3.50 8 oz
S18 2"w x 2"w x 6" h
square candle
5.50 13 oz
S19 3"w x 3"w x 4"h
square candle
6.50 17 oz
S20 3" w x 3"w x 6"h
square candle
9.50 26 oz
S21 3" w x 3" w x 8"h
square candle
11.50 34 oz
S22 3"w x 3"w x 10" h
square candle
12.50 43 oz
S23 3"w x 3"w x 12"h
square candle
14.00 52 oz
S24 4"w x 4"h
square candle
9.50 32 oz

New candle size added! Large "4 x "8 round - $19.00

Wholeslale candles

*Pillar Candles wholesale orders save up to an additional 30%
Wholesale Candle Prices

Unscented Candles available in any color for orders of $50 or more.
Not including S&H



BLUE (lite) Lilac
BLUE (dark) Lilac
BROWN Vanilla, Pear
GOLD Wild Honey
GREEN (lite) Apple
GREEN (dark) Pine, Bayberry
PEACH Pikkaki
PINK Rose, Carnation
PURPLE Grape, Lavender
RED Cranberry, Bayberry, Carnation
TURQUOISE Frangipani,
WHITE Vanilla, Carnation, Almond



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